Always Remove Your Jewelry During Any Task: It is highly advised to always remove your jewelry when performing any task, most especially wedding and engagement rings so as to prevent any physical damages or expose the rings to any harmful chemical substances or fluids. Example; Liquid detergents or soaps that can deface any jewelry.

Do not put on your jewelry or rings in swimming pools, or spars: Water containing Chlorine can react with the metals used in crafting most jewelry or rings which can lead to color changes or severe structural damages. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remove these jewelry or rings whenever you want to enter a pool or even spars.

Do not wear Jewelry During Sports or Exercise: During Exercise, it is recommended you remove your wedding or engagement ring in order not to damage the skin or cause harm to any other person.most especially during a punch exercise.

Always Put on Your Jewelry After applying Makeup: Body lotions, creams, perfumes, hairsprays, deodorants, etc mostly contain some harmful chemicals that can damage your jewelry or rings. When you put on your jewelry or ring after you have applied these makeups, will limit exposure to these substances and any damage to the jewelry.

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